Who we are

The Spreckels Organ Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit founded in 1988 to preserve, program and promote the Spreckels Organ as a world treasure for all people.  All concerts on the Spreckels Organ are free to the public in accordance with the 1915 Deed of Gift whereby the brothers John and Adolph Spreckels gave the organ and pavilion to the City of San Diego. The Spreckels Organ Society works cooperatively with the City of San Diego in order to fulfill and expand upon this promise.

What we do

The City of San Diego provides 52 Sunday Concerts a year, and maintains the instrument and the Civic Organist position with the support of the Spreckels Organ Society. The Society also provides educational programs for children, a loaner program to donate practice instruments for students, provides scholarships, presents the larger International Summer Organ Festival in the USA, in addition to Special Evening Concerts, Open Doors, Tours and Fundraisers.

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Upcoming Events



Christmas Carols and Brilliant Classics
An Organ Pavilion decorated with Holiday visual projections and Cozy Teddy Bears will welcome a vocal quartet of San Diego leading figures to join SD Civic Organist Raúl Prieto Ramírez for an evening of Christmas Carols and Brilliant Organ Classics*
Anna Belaya (soprano) Bernardo Bermúdez (tenor) Sara-Nicole Carter (mezzo-soprano) Michael Sokol (bariton) Raúl Prieto Ramírez (organ and direction)


Christmas Carols Sing-Along
After an introduction of Christmas Arrangements by Raúl Prieto Ramírez, the Audience will be welcome up on stage by San Diego awarded singer Lauren Leigh for a Carols sing-along
Lauren Leigh (leading singer)
You! (sing-along) Raúl Prieto Ramírez (organ and direction)

At the end of both Concerts the audience will be invited to sing the Hallelujah from Haendel Messiah along with the Unique Spreckels Organ

In honor of the 1915 deed-of-gift. Donations are welcome

Sunday Concerts - 2:00pm

A relaxed and fun way to enjoy one of the most iconic venues in San Diego. Always free and open to the public:

  • All Year Round Shine or Rain
  • 1 Hour long performances
  • Wide variety of Styles from Early Music to Popular
  • Always a major Bach work every week
  • Check weekly program for details

  • Raúl Prieto Ramírez

    Artistic Director and San Diego Civic Organist

    The Spreckels Organ Pavilion

    Built in 1915 by the Austin Organ Company